The guy reporters are calling the “Modern day Lorax” for America’s healthcare crisis.
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Today’s healthcare climate is as complicated as it is expansive. While everyone has opinions on what to do to solve the healthcare crisis in the United States, few have outlined specifics that would actually work. In The Cure, Seth Denson brings clarity to today’s healthcare woes as well as specific actionable steps to solve our challenges and get us on the right track.

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For nearly two decades, Seth Denson has dedicated his professional career to dissecting, inspecting, and ultimately correcting the otherwise broken healthcare system. Celebrated for his proven track record of developing innovative strategies, Seth also lends his business acumen as a market analyst, entrepreneur and consultant to both private and public enterprise. Armed with an in-depth understanding of how business operates along with his background in finance, and innate ability to tell it like it is, Seth has expanded his reach to national levels with frequent appearances on major media outlets including Television, Radio, and Print, where he is frequently asked to opine on everything from healthcare, financial markets, politics, faith and fatherhood.

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