The guy reporters are calling a “Modern day Lorax” for America’s business climate.
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Today’s healthcare climate is as complicated as it is expansive. While everyone has opinions on what to do to solve the healthcare crisis in the United States, few have outlined specifics that would actually work. In The Cure, Seth Denson brings clarity to today’s healthcare woes as well as specific actionable steps to solve our challenges and get us on the right track.

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Seth Denson is a Business & Market Analyst, Author, and Entrepreneur. He co-founded one of the nation’s most successful consulting firms and authored the best-selling book, The Cure: A Blueprint for Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis, which takes a deep dive into the business structure of our U.S. healthcare system and how we can reform it while maintaining our free-market. As a regular on-camera contributor, Seth has garnered a national presence while discussing a range of topics including business and economics, politics, faith, and fatherhood. Originally from West Texas but with international business experience, Seth’s “no bull” approach blends metropolitan thinking with good old-fashioned Texas straight-talk. 

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